Alhek Mastering

Since 4 years in charge of Groove Manipulation masterings, Alessandro Sisti, head of Mechanichal Thoughts is specialized in mix and mastering of electronic music, and in the last 5 years he successfully processed thousand of tracks in his studio in Berlin. The main features of ALHEK mastering sound are powerful and accurate low end, balance between loudness and dynamic, colorful sound and of course, a great result on the big sound systems of the clubs.

Hardware processors:
Tegeler audio Vari tube VTC compressor
Tegeler audio EQP 1 passive tube equalizer
FRM Audio Really nice leveling amplifer
DBX 366 Dual vacuum tube preamp
DBX graphic equlizer
Focusrite Voicemaster pro
Allen & Heath Analog mixer

Ableton live
DMG Audio

Audio interfaces – converters:
Motu – Tascam

Audio monitoring:
Focal professional
Sennheiser HD 25 headphone
Sennheiser HD 558 headphone

Prices per Track:

Analog mastering 30 €
Analog mixdown 60 €
Analog mixdown and mastering 80 €
Digital mastering 20 €
Digital mixdown 40 €
Digital mixdown and mastering 50 €

For any other info or to request this service, contact or visit Alhek Masterings web site.