Sguizla Jr.

Alessandro Saiu Aka Sguizla Jr. was born in Cagliari (Italy).Start to collect and mix records records in 1998 ; In 2013 he launched Groove Manipulation Recordings. His own first digital release was dropped as Suburbian Sound X System, a duo made in collaboration with Alberto Iglesias Aka Logistic.
In 2014 he moved to Berlin. The city vibe and the underground scene inspired him with the creation of new music and the beginning of different projects: CompliKeyted Disorders, a techno duo created with Lukr Range and the project Magnetische Noises, an alias created in collaboration with Ton Noise,  and SJP a duo created with his old friend Johnny Piras .

Since the end of 2016 Alessandro is focused on the original project Sguizla Jr., but he’s still working hard to keep all his alias alive and create new collaborations .

Sguizla Jr. dj set are full of power and energy. During his performance he is really creative, raw and old school, and he loves to play very longs dj set.


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