V.A Remixes GM RCD LTD 01 ( Vinyl Only )

The first release ” Only Vinyl 180g 12″ ” of Groove Manipulation Recordings is available in some of the main records shops ! Gm Rcd Ltd 01 contains four remixes by Charlton , CompliKeyted Disorders […]

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Johnny Piras Personal Refusal Ep .

First Ep for Johnny Piras to welcome the family Groove Manipulation that is available now in all the Digital Stores. Personal refusal Ep include five techno tracks and a remix of Sguizla Jr. All the […]

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Upcoming Releases

Magnetische Noises

Chakra _ Gmrcd 027 _ Part 1

The project Magnetische Noises is a release created by Ton Noise & Sguizla Jr. The digital album include seven original tracks and Sguizla Jr. Remix, more two remixes of Ixel and CompliKeyted Disorders inside of […]

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Sguizla Jr.

Ground Floor _ Gmrcd 027 _ Part 2

coming very soon the Ep of sguizla Jr. that contains 4 original techno tracks ,two of this tracks have been remixed to create the first limited vinyl of our label !

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